Sunday, November 1, 2009

Official Launch of the Green T "Green Is Gorgeous" eco-contest for the 2010 Miss America Contestants

This is about Green is Gorgeous, and the Miss America Pageant going green, and my efforts to help as "Green T".
I have so many amazing green contacts, and every time I share and shine the spotlight on those people who are making a difference, miraculous synchronicities happen. And our mission is one of HOPE - Healing Our Planet Earth. Let's help get the message out to heal Mother Earth. I believe the Feminine energy of Miss America and the divine Feminie Energy of Mother Earth go hand in hand. What better way to educate the public than with the Miss America apple pie platform - it goes hand in hand with the environmental values our future depends on. What kind of planet are we going to leave to the future Miss Americas of this world - the little girls of today?

I was honored to be able to launch this contest at the Environmental Media Awards; they share the same values with me:
The Environmental Media Association (EMA) is a Non-Profit 501(c)3 Organization founded in 1989 by Cindy and Alan Horn and Lyn and Norman Lear. EMA is dedicated to harnessing the power of celebrity and the media to promote sustainable lifestyles and believes through positive role modeling the entertainment community can inspire consumers to take action.
I am still using everything I received from competing in the Miss Arkansas Pageant, every day of my life. I am so grateful, my heart just keeps opening more and more every year, and I continually find new ways of promoting educational messages. It's amazing how many rewards Life has to offer. The contestants have a chance to raise as many votes as they can, while at the same time bringing attention to the health of our planet. Green Is Gorgeous - and so are they. I had the chance to meet them all in person when I flew to Orlando to interview them this summer. The contest only launched Oct 25th, so lots can happen. We should get all of America to get out the vote for Green Is Gorgeous.

*Tamara Henry competed in the Miss Arkansas Pageant from 1991-1994... placed in the top ten twice... and was the winner of the Fruit of the Loom - Quality of Life Award and the Community Service Award for a program she created - "Promoting Health through Whole Person Wellness" - an inspirational program about mind/body/spirit/Earth. Competing in the Miss Arkansas Pageant earned Tamara scholarship money to earn her Bachelors Degree in Broadcast Journalism, and since becoming a TV News Anchor in 1997, she has been giving back a scholarship of her own to the Miss Arkansas Pageant: "The Tamara Henry Broadcast Journalism Award." Tamara has since continued her education, earning a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis in Consciousness, Health & Healing.

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