Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Bye Felicia!

VH1's New Show Aims to Empower Women
Everyone loves a good makeover, especially when it does just as much good on the inside as it does on the outside. VH1′s new series, Bye Felicia! aims to motivate, elevate and renovate the women of L.A. The series stars Atlanta-based life coaches Deborah & Missy who are imparting their wisdom and humor on the women who need it most, as they urge their clients to say “Bye, Felicia!” to their former selves. Deborah and Missy offer their opinions the only way they know how – with no nonsense and flat out comedy. Tune in for this journey to self-actualization on the new series “Bye Felicia!” premiering on VH1. 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

"Green T" Celebrates Earth Day 2014 in Santa Monica

Greetings with HEART from "Green T" 
"Green T" would love your creative ideas on this educational eco opportunity:
"I've been CAR FREE since 2001 and I think I might be ready to be converted and cash in on an Eco Friendly Car! We are on the Road To Rio 2016." 

Car Free "Green T" and Co-Host of Emmy Nominated TV Show "Metro Motion" Tamara Henry Stops Traffic! 

In 1991 Tamara kicked off her TV career with a local TV commercial for Ford/Chevrolet. 

After being car free since 2001, which car should "Green T" get if she is converted back into a car owner?
Who would be perfect to help her launch this educational eco car campaign?
Do you know a car company or a corporate sponsor that would love to inspire and educate?


Tamara Henry, MA aka "Green T" 
Oscar Shortlisted Documentary Filmmaker & Co-Host of Emmy Nominated TV Show & Eco Reality TV Personality & Anchor of Santa Monica Update on Channel 16 Since 2005   
"Green T" integrates eco friendly messages like bicycling into her comedy fun reality TV show appearances.
TamaraHenry.com click on REALITY

Tamara being green on E! Entertainment a couple month ago: 

Legends & Legacies
For those too young to remember, “Green Acres” was a 1960s sitcom that starred Eddie Albert and the glamorous Eva Gabor as a couple who moved from New York City to a rural country farm.

Just as important to Eddie Albert as his acting career was his activism. He was committed to fighting for social causes near and dear to his heart like the environment: he supported organic gardening and fought agricultural and industrial pollution; he founded the Eddie Albert World Trees Foundation; he chaired the Boy Scouts of America's conservation program. And he co-founded the global environmental awareness celebration, Earth Day.

Eddie Albert died May 2005, at his home in Los Angeles, but not before Vanilla Fire filmed him about his service in WWII where he received the Bronze Star. Vanilla Fire's film mission took us to the south pacific and Eddie is a star Until They Are Home (2012 Oscar Shortlist.) 

2012 & 2010 Oscar Shortlisted Producer Tamara Henry http://tamarahenry.weebly.com/documentary.html  
The first Earth Day took place on this day 44 years ago – April 22, 1970 (which, incidentally, was also Eddie Albert's 66th birthday). Albert himself spoke at its inaugural ceremony: http://youtu.be/5v_2nTvAcSU

Follow Green T: 

Tamara Henry, MA
Venice Beach/Santa Monica

Earth Day Tue April 22, 2014 Santa Monica 6PM
Tickets: https://www.facebook.com/events/235117876611928/