Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Another celestial event today. It does not matter whether or not you believe, it is truth and will happen regardless of what your awareness is.

This is a huge event! Wednesday, on 9-09-09 at precisely 9:09 am mountain time, a powerful wave of light energy will be released from within the earth mother in the state of Arkansas. This in turn will trigger other vortexes of powerful energy to be released in Brazil, Bolivia, and Mt Shasta. This energy is from our Creator, the source of all life and is benevolent and filled with love beyond our comprehension. Once this wave is released it will surround the earth mother within a matter of minutes, maybe seconds. Everyone and every living thing will be affected. This amazing event will usher in a NEW AGE for us, a new way of living. If you haven't noticed the "old" world is dying and being destroyed day by day. Repeating myself from past emails, all institutions of economics, government, education, medicine, science etc. that have been based on greed, injustice, control, lies, oppression, and "dark" power will no longer be allowed to continue in this new age. In this new world we will live in harmony, peace, freedom, justice, health and embrace the love of true brother/sisterhood.

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