Sunday, May 11, 2008

Memorial Day episode takes you INside the Malibu International Film Festival

Monday the 26th:
5am & 6am: KTTV Fox News LA (plus 10pm Sun night the 25th)
6:30 pm on Katie Couric CBS Evening News
7:30 pm on IN with Tamara Henry on Time Warner Cable
RealTVfilms Red Carpet host Tamara Henry put together another half hour show... this one in honor of Memorial Day... that takes you INside the Malibu International Film Festival. Interviews with Michael Madsen who talks about how his new film has heart "Strength and Honour"... Virginia Madsen, director Mark Mahon, Co-Producers Franco Sama and Jordan Yale Levine, etc...

Also for you 12-step lovers, a film called "Just One of the Gynos" featuring Brandon Olive (winner best actor) and many more known celebs from primetime TV.... a sex comedy about one doctor's struggle with his wife, after working every day as a gynecologist...

Interviews from adorable child actor Dominic Scott Kay whose movie is a must-see for Malibu animal lovers - a true story of forgiveness.

The Memorial Day twist includes a Malibu Film Festival red carpet interview with filmmaker Steven C. Barber who is producing an environmental documentary on WWII Vet Leon Cooper who lives in Malibu and fought alongside the late Eddie Albert on the battlefields on the now polluted beaches of Tarawa in the South Pacific. You can also see the documentary in production on Memorial Day on Katie Couric CBS Evening News, when she announces that Ed Harris will be the narrator of the film!

Here is the Malibu Film Festival slide show:


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