Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Can Films Save the World?

Arkansas Reporter interviews
Arkansas Film Maker

Los Angeles Film Festival


Global Crisis: Can Films Save the World?

Place: W Hotel Los Angeles

We live in an increasingly burdened and divided world – and cinema explores, reflects and documents this. But is anybody listening? Can "political cinema" be a force for change? Join Filmmakers Hany Abu-Assad (Paradise Now), Harry Thomason (The Hunting of the President), Jason Reitman (Thank You For Smoking), Chris Paine,(Who Killed the Electric Car), Dean Devlin (Independence Day) and Meena Nanji, (View from a Grain of Sand) and Sonali Kolhatkar as they discuss their art and its influence on cinema, political thinking and culture.
Watch Tamara at the LA Film Fest:

After the Poolside Chat of the LAFilmFest, reporter Tamara Henry approached Arkansas native Harry Thomason and told him she was Miss Arkansas USA 1997, and Harry said, "I thought I recognized you!" Henry interviewed Thomason, who was on a film panel answering the question, "Can film save the world?" Henry is a member of the Institute for Spiritual Entertainment LA, and plays a news anchor in films, like the one that just came out this spring, "Mysteries of the Apocalypse." Thomason told Tamara about his upcoming new HBO series, "12 Miles of Bad Road" which is set in the south. He told the packed audience about how his 16-minute film "A Place Called Hope" (which ran on all the major networks) changed the world by affecting the outcome of an election.
Tamara showcases films that can change the world on her talk show:
Tamara's thoughts on The 11th Hour:

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